Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New Tern bicycles now available

Tern Node D8
We've been waiting patiently for the brand new Tern Node D8 to arrive in South Africa.

With 24-inch rims and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, the Node D8 is more than capable enough to tick off the kilometres with ease. Or fold it up and throw it onto the bus or store it in a cupboard when you need to. We rode the Node D8 in Taiwan and a nicer commuter bike you will not find.
As a city bike it really has everything you'll ever need rolled up into one very good looking and well-priced package.

Tern Link C7
Then the Tern Link C7 is a very popular model and our spring stock has also just arrived. We have the Link C7 in the traditional white / blue and in a brand new black / grey option, which is very sexy. The Link C7 now comes with mudguards as standard and the black version also has a BioLogic rack, which comes in very handy when transporting bottles of wine back home after a hard day at the office.

For all the other information you may need on these bikes - have a look at our Tern Bicycles page here.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Ride James Massiah - presented by Levi's Commuter

The first in a series of short films presented by Levi's Commuter has been released. Starting it off is James Massiah who lives in London and uses his bicycle to efficiently get around the city. It also doesn't hurt that he loves the feeling of connectedness and independance riding the bike in the city gives him too.

"It definitely is an extension of my soul. Things that connect together… It gives you the ability to travel through time. You're completely open to the elements and you can feel the wind blowing past your face … That's the true magic of being on a bike. It is like the urban horse. A cowboy needs his horse, I need my bike."

Monday, 21 July 2014

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Joyride in Obs

These three Tern Bicycles were spotted in Obs yesterday - clearly regular customers.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bicycle stickers

We have a few bicycle stickers for sale at R15 each. Get in touch if you would like some.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Flamingo alley

Nice idea the City of Cape Town has here - putting a tranquil lagoon complete with breakfast eating flamingos and Artic Terns right next to the West Coast bike lane. 

Wildlife experiences are BTW free with every ride on your bicycle.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kwaai bike

'Kwaai bike...and it keeps you fit' - overheard while riding through the Cape Town CBD this morning. 

When you ride a bicycle in the city you suddenly feel like a critical part of what makes that city tick. You breathe the air, feel the breeze in your face, chat to friendly strangers who are also commuting on their bikes through the streets. The characters of the city become heroes in the story of your morning and all of this simply at the cost of freeing your mind to the possibility.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Tern Node D8: Coming soon to South Africa, order yours today

The Tern Node D8 is a fantastic urban bicycle with a bunch of key benefits. 

If you could design perfect urban transport, you’d want a bicycle that rode and handled like the best city bikes on the market, with a reasonable price, that could fold in a flash so you could take it on any city bus or stash it in any cafe coat closet. That’s the Node D8, a new kind of bike that’s designed to get you around and get your stuff done. 
It has 24-inch wheels which offers you a nice big ride, but at the same time folds up into a manageable package when needed. This is innovative urban mobility design at its best.

The Tern Node D8 will be heading to South Africa shortly, but you can reserve one by ordering yours now. We are getting the model in the black / blue color scheme and it comes fully kitted out with mudguards and a BioLogic rear carry rack.

We are taking pre-orders for the Tern Node D8 from today till the 14th of April. Owning your very own Node D8 will be just R8500, but a 50% deposit of that amount will get you onto our pre-order list and a guaranteed reservation of one of the bikes.

Please e-mail Jon: jon [at] camissabicycles [dot] co [dot] za - to order yours now.

Check out this review of the Tern Node D8 here - and have a look at the detailed specs of it here -