Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Inspired by the streets of the Mother City

The 'Camissa Spout' on Prins Street that our logo resembles
Cape Town's streets are made for people - or at least they are in our world. So we thought it would be rude of us not to design a dream bike, inspired by the city we call home.
Daniel Ting Chong with his Camissa bicycle

Camissa – the name
Camissa, meaning ‘place of sweet water’, is the original name of the place that today we call Cape Town. This product was designed and made to flow over the streets of the city like the river from the mountain that still flows beneath it today.

The Camissa Spout
Our company figure head, which you will find on the front of every Camissa bicycle is a replica of a water spout that was part of the Camissa river infrastructure from a by-gone era. Believed to be designed and sculptured by Anton Anreith in 1786 the spout can be seen today in Prins Street just off Upper Orange.
We believe that the Camissa Spout figurehead is an omen of good luck when riding your Camissa bicycle on the streets of Cape Town. It carries with it the spirit of the river that still flows beneath the city today. It protects its rider from harm and draws on the ancient energy of this magical place.

We've tested the accuracy of that statement on numerous trips down Albert Road, Woodstock. It's solid.