Tuesday, 10 April 2012

8 advantages of a single-speed bicycles in Cape Town

Camissa Bicycles have just one gear. A 44T chain ring and an 18T freewheel / fixed hub at the back. But what are the advantages of riding a bike that has just one gear?

  1. Cheaper to maintain – Don’t have cassettes wearing out.
  2. Easier to maintain – No fiddly gears to deal with.
  3. Straight chain-line is more efficient.
  4. Less to steal - fewer expensive components to steal from a bike parked in the city.
  5. Improves pedalling action. Learn to spin fast and also churn big gears up hills
  6. Lighter
  7. Cool – The simplicity of the original bike design.
  8. Enjoyable to ride single speed. No worries about which gear to be in. Gives a feeling for the orginal ‘purity’ of cycling
Give it a go. After all, less is more.