Thursday, 30 August 2012

The brand new Tern Eclipse X20

Nicknamed 'The Pirate Ninja' the brand new Tern Eclipse X20 folding bike has 24-inch wheels and weighs just 10.7kg. It was launched this week at Eurobike and was immediately crowned with a Eurobike award.

It’s more than fast and light enough to launch a brigand’s attack on an unsuspecting roadie, yet stealthy enough to slip – folded and shrouded – into the subway unnoticed. The Eclipse X20 is as lithe and sleek as a ninja. But with its super-wide 25-107” gear range and lightning-fast Kinetix Pro wheels it’s got pirate-worthy swagger that demands attention. Slice to the heart of the city – whether you prefer a katana, a cutlass, or both. A winning combination if there ever was one. Debate settled.
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