Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cycling to work: 5 Tips for how to get there with less sweat

So, you're tired of petrol price increases and sitting in painful traffic and are now thinking about using a bicycle to get to work. But you're worried about getting to work looking like Cadel Evans in a Tour de France time trial. So here are our 5 top tips for how to get to work without breaking too much of a sweat:

Tip #1: Ride slower

What's the big rush? Ride slower. Take your time, enjoy the city, look around you and appreciate the experience of getting to work with a smile on your face. If you struggle to ride slower, get yourself a slower bike that forces you to chill out.

Tip #2: Get a folding bike

Instead of cycling the whole way to work, ride to the train station or bus stop and jump on with your folding bike. Who says you have to ride the whole way? Ride, fold and relax while somebody else drives.

Tip #3: Stop...a lot

Break the trip up a bit. Make your first stop at a new coffee shop for a quick shot of Java and then perhaps another place for a bit of breakfast further along the way. Breaking up the trip will get you into the idea that your commute is a bonus morning adventure rather than just a slog to get to the salt mine. Leave home earlier  and explore new routes.

Tip #4: Change

If you can't help yourself and just have to break your own commute record everyday, then take a change of clothing and a towel. A spurt of expensive cologne and a splash of water on the face never hurt anybody either. 

Tip #5: Demand a shower at work

If you're an advocate or a politician and need to look presentable at work, then go on strike and protest for management to install a shower at your office. It's a bit overkill for us, but we understand that the world needs to take you seriously and perceive you to be clean and worthy. Otherwise pop in at the nearest Virgin Active and use their facilities before taking over the world.

There you have it. Five tips on how to keep your colleagues and you happy with your potentially sweaty method of getting around.