Monday, 19 November 2012

From Paris: Streetfood by bicycle

On the cycle lane route between Blouberg and Cape Town there's probably about five places an entrepreneur would be able to set up a bicycle expresso bar...just like this one spotted in Paris.

Couleurs Café is Arnaud's commitment to providing quality, on-the-go coffee, while foraging on a new path for streetfood in Paris. While foodtrucks have long been a part of the urban fabric in cities across the world, the movement is just gaining traction in Paris with already well known establishments like "Le Camion à Glaces - Glazed " and "Le Camion Qui Fume." The renowned french chef Thierry Marx has even begun a school for street food. The concept of Couleurs Café, however, is more convivial and allows for a personal exchange of conversation and education. According to Arnaud, the idea came to him after trips to India, Thailand, and Peru. 
via Trendtablet

It would be possible to manufacture these in South Africa and will not only provide Cape Town bike commuters with a much needed Java kick when they need it most, but is a new business opportunity just waiting for eager entrepreneurs to take to the streets.

[thanks Isabeau]

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