Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to take your bike on a train or bus in South Africa

Sometimes when you're not feeling up to it - because the wind is blowing or you had one too many beers at lunch time - you just don't feel like riding your bike home with the same enthusiasm you rode to work in the morning. In moments like these, you'd just like to throw the bike on the bus or train and take the relaxing route.
In South Africa - transport authorities blow hot and cold as to whether you are allowed to take even a folding bike on board. But if that folding bike is in a bag, it transforms into a large piece of luggage rather than a thing with wheels that a security official can recognise as contraband. Hence this rather nifty CarryOn Cover from BioLogic has been on our shopping list and will be in South Africa soon.
Have bag - will ride on bus!