Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bullitt Cargo Bikes: Coming to South Africa in 2013

The Bullitt Cargo Bike - the best cargo bike brand in the world
We are very excited to announce that Camissa Bicycles will be distributing Bullitt Cargo Bikes in South Africa from 2013.

Built in Denmark, the Bullitt is regarded as the best cargo bike in the world. We don't really have a cargo bike culture in South Africa and very few of these bikes can be found here, but we are over the moon to have the opportunity to market them here. Perfect for sustainability-conscience business' in cities that want to save time and fuel transporting good short distances or people just wanting to cart around a lot of gear on a bike.
If you are keen on getting a Bullitt and would like to be part of a pre-order for one - please e-mail Jon or call him on 082 921 8855