Friday, 21 December 2012

Camissa Bicycles 2012: The year that was

Gareth, Chris and Jon at the first Cape Town Urban Bike Show
If there is one sentiment we take away from our 2012 journey it's; 'if you can dream it - you can do it'. We set out this year full of dreams, which at the beginning [to be very honest] really seemed practically unachievable, but funny things happen when you have intention and a good helping of blind faith.

The very impressive Tern shipping container, at the Taipei Show, that stole our hearts
In March we headed, for the first time, to the Taipei International Bicycle Show to meet existing business partners and hopefully meet new ones. We came back in love with the city of Taipei, a bicycle brand called Tern, a funky helmet range called Nutcase and with our background solidly grounded as marketing specialists, set about making it our mission to represents these amazing companies in South Africa.

Tern and Nutcase, both being innovative, design-orientated brands and positioned as a fresh new approach to urban mobility really spoke to us - and ticked all of the boxes we had as part of our overall brand mission.

Perfection - the Tern Verge S11i at the Taipei Show

In June 2012 the first Tern bicycle, the Tern Verge X10, arrived in South Africa
Capacity wise we realised that we had an oversupply of creative resources, but lacked a bit on the financial planning side. To fill that gap, we had a chance meeting with somebody we'd admired for their entrepreneurial spirit for some time...and in August, Gareth Cotton joined the team as our financial guru.

Heinrich - who will soon be blasting new Camissa trails up in the North
We were lucky enough to be part of Bicycle Cape Town and the first ever Cape Town Urban Bicycle Expo this year - grabbing the chance to contribute to the rapidly growing local non-motorised commuter landscape. We also teamed up with Capitec Bank to offer a first for South Africa - bicycle finance - a program we intend to roll out with gusto next year.
Nutcase helmets - arriving January 2013
They say life is a journey, not a destination and so far our Camissa journey has, in just a short time, offered us one of the most rewarding years ever. We just can't wait to get going with 2013.

A huge thank you to all of our customers, business partners and friends for playing such an important part of our magical 2012. Have a very Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year.