Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Explore more

It's funny how at the start of a new year we list a series of resolutions to try stick to in the hope of fixing the shortcomings of the year before. Every year they're pretty much the same, but by February most are long forgotten and we're back into our usual routine of spending too much time on the couch, eating too many bar nuts and completely denying that an attempt to run the Comrades ever even existed.

Deep down, the new year sparks an exciting opportunity to explore a 'new you', but all too often the goals are too far away from our sustainable levels of daily motivation. The fire that burned deep inside you as you sipped chilled Champagne on New Year's Eve when you made your list burns a lot less intensely once you're back at your desk and having to put out other fires that are part of your job. 
But what about instead of signing up for a revolution of 'you', you just decided to explore a little bit more this year. Maybe when the South Easterly wind is still, you have zero meetings at work and have nothing else begging an excuse in your mind - you jump on your bicycle and ride to work. Not everyday; just one day...just to see what it's like. It's not a trip around the world on camel, but a new experience that might just thrill you as much.

Maybe one Saturday morning you jump on a bus or a train with your bike and go explore some of the awesome little coffee shops in the city that you always heard about, but never have any parking outside during the week. Maybe you give that Moonlight Mass thing a bash or take a back alleyway on your bike near that apartment block in Long Street where the police are constantly having problems with drug lords. You're really not over committing, just testing the waters of the unknown in your backyard.

Adventure doesn't necessarily exist only in London, Tokyo or New York. There are parts of your own city that you probably haven't been to in years either because you're too scared to venture there or your daily routine just doesn't give you the luxury of time to go check it out. A new year is an opportunity to disrupt routine, to seek new adventure, to experience your environment on a deeper level.

All it takes is a different way of seeing the world around you and a desire to explore just a bit more.