Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to save money on petrol

Tern full-sized 26 inch bikes being loaded into the boot of a Mini
With the petrol price going up in South Africa yet again and economists warning us that this will be the first of many - pressure via the cost of petrol is starting to mount.

But what are your alternatives? Public transport / walking / bicycle / work from home?

The thought of completely ditching the family car in favour of an untested alternative can be pretty daunting, but one of the ways to try out other ways of getting around involves 'baby steps'.
Perhaps cycling to work in the city is not an option because of distance. But it's the short, annoying little trips in-and-around the city while you're at work that can waste a load of time, fuel and parking fees without you even realising it.
That's where having a bicycle, folded up in the boot, ready to be used to pop over to that meeting or down to the deli for lunch during the work day can really help save you loads when it all adds up.

The Tern Link C7 in the boot of a Renault Clio
You're not committing to joining Greenpeace, but all of those R11 parking hours and the tank of petrol you use just to drive a couple of hundred meters around the city, can make a massive difference to your budget. You could be using that money for far better purposes than to fund the government and the profits of a global oil company.
You've tried Moonlightmass and loved it - now give lunch time down to Dear Me a go. It's not the Tour de France, but you'll be taking those baby steps and coming out winning.