Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BioLogic Bike Mount Plus for iPhone 5

Steve Jobs himself called the computer 'a bicycle for the mind' - so it would make sense that now you can combine two of mankind's finest inventions into one unbelievable package of awesomeness. Your bike plus your iPhone 5 open up a world of digital interactive possibilities and the BioLogic Bike Mount Plus for the iPhone 5 is just the device to make that marriage possible.

BioLogic has released the Bike Mount Plus, a hard-shell, weatherproof case for the iPhone 5. BioLogic already produces mounts for earlier iPhones, as well as other smartphones. The Mount Plus is different, because it channels sound from the phone through the case, which will useful for navigation apps which give verbal instructions, such as the Bike Hub cycle satnav app. The Bike Mount Plus allows access to phone features, including the touchscreen, speakerphone, cameras, charge port, and headphones. Channels in the silicone liner redirect audio to the front of the case so the speakerphone mode can be used without removing the iPhone from the case. A heavy-duty mounting bracket secures the case to handlebars and locks to the case via a screw-down latch. The bracket rotates 360° allowing use of the phone in portrait or landscape modes.
If you would like to buy the Bike Mount Plus for the iPhone 5 - please get in touch with us. They are R580.00 and are now in stock.