Thursday, 16 May 2013

Easing into Cape Town's wild traffic

We started Camissa Bicycles with a very clear vision.

To free people.

We free people from traffic. We free people from parking fees. We free people from what they thought was possible. We free people from fear.
In fact, our clients free themselves - we just supply the catalyst in the form of the cool stuff that we sell. Daily we're inspired by people who make the choice to live in our cities in a new way and today was no different. Here's an example of an mail that was sent to us today:

Hello Jon.
I am making the decision to sell my car to my Mom and to start using the MyCiti bus as well as a bicycle.
We work in Observatory now, so I can get the bus from home to the Salt River Circle and cycle from there, _ to ease into Cape Town’s wild traffic.

The way back home is a little uphill, - which I will have to get used too.
I am thinking or spending up to R6000.
It will be my main transport.

Which bike would you recommend?
Do you have in stock and can you provide me with a quote.
I might want to use the Capitec finance.

Have a wonderful day!

Our city is an spectacular puzzle of streets and places to explore and relish - we're just stoked to be a part of contributing to that journey