Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How much does a family car cost in South Africa?

As a matter of interest we often wonder what it costs to run a relatively average family car in South Africa. As regularly as we possibly can we try to use a bicycle to travel between home and the office and trips around the city and the neighbourhood. Our lifestyle choice saves loads of money and time, but have always wondered what we would be paying alternatively if we trundled around in a pretty average family car.

The car we chose - the pretty ordinary Hyundai ix35 (which we see loads of sitting in traffic on the West Coast road).

In South Africa - this car new will cost you R 284 900.00 or according to Wesbank, R6419.80 per month (if you pay it off over 5 years).

Your monthly petrol bill, with a conservative estimation, will probably be around R2000.00 a month.
In this example let's assume you have a motor plan that takes care of service costs and you won't be replacing any tyres any time soon.

Insurance - according to a quick online quotation, the monthly premium will be R617.00, which does seem very reasonable.

So for an average family car you will be paying a minimum of just over R9000.00 a month or R108 000.00 a year.

Sadly in South Africa a vehicle like this is pretty much a necessity rather than a luxury if you have a family with a couple of kids, but it interesting to put a few figures down to just see how much this option costs. Maybe just a few of the journeys that make up some of the variable fuel bill can be replaced by alternative modes of transport?