Wednesday, 26 June 2013

[Camissa Bicycles Guide] How to cycle to work...Part 1

Cycling to work is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself. Replacing rush hour traffic congestion with a beautiful city experience on a bike will be one of the most liberating decisions you will ever make, but it's important that you do a bit of planning ahead of time.

So here are our 5 steps to follow before you head out:
  1. Check your bike: Make sure that your tyres are pumped to their maximum, you have good rear and front lights mounted, your seat is positioned at the right height and your brakes and gears are working properly. Just like you would regularly wash and service your car, make sure you keep your bike clean, lubricated and well-maintained.
  2. Pack a small bag: Make sure that you pack a spare tube, a puncture repair kit (which includes tyre levers), a pump, a MyCiti bus card, a bike lock, a raincoat and a spare dry t-shirt.
  3. Check the weather: Wind direction and rain forecasts will be of much interest to you while you're riding so be sure to have an idea of what's expected during your ride by checking out a site like Check out our article: Planning for wind in Cape Town as a guide here
  4. Gear up: If you like to ride with a helmet, then grab it. Make sure you're also wearing comfortable shoes, just in case you need to do a bit of walking. If it's cold, get yourself a nice breathable jacket and a scarf can be used for multiple on-bike purposes.
  5. Ride with care: There is a great rule of thumb to stick to when riding in the city - that is; 'Expect the unexpected'. Buses will stop right in front of you, car doors will be opened in your path, some motorists might not see you. Keep your eyes open and get into the habit of trying to anticipate stupidity. We'll cover more of this in Part 2.

Riding to work doesn't mean that you now hate your car and will only be eating lentils and listening to Simon and Garfunkel. You might feel comfortable only cycling on good weather days or just down the road to the shops. Whatever your choice the great thing is that you are just doing yourself a favour and getting out there.

Start small and see how it goes.