Monday, 3 June 2013

Tern Bicycles South Africa: Some new models are now in stock

Winter is here, but the change in season has also brought a few new Tern models which have just arrived in South Africa.
Tern Link C7
For many reasons, people that own a Link C7 are totally in love with them. This bike is the entry level model in the Tern range, but they are more than capable of easilty riding an Argus Cycle Tour (for the fun of it of course) or enjoying the city on a Critical Mass or Moonlightmass ride.
 The Link C7 is Tern's number 1 global seller, which we can totally see why. We finally have a new batch of C7's in stock now, but expect them to fly out quickly.

 The Tern Link D8 - the Jack of All Trades
Tern Link D8
The Tern Link D8 is nicknamed the Jack of All Trades and if you're looking for good value for money from an everyday commuter bike then you don't need to look any further. It comes with 8-speeds, fenders and folds up in the legendary Tern style in just 10 seconds. We still have the Link D8 available in menacing black - and now in angelic white too.

The Tern Verge Duo - reaching perfection:
Tern Verge Duo

The Tern Verge Duo has been awarded (amongst others) a prestigeous Red Dot Design award for it's bold simplicity.
 No cables here, but a two-speed SRAM Automatix hub ensures that this beautiful bit of engineering is a real head-turner and a pleasure to ride fast on cramped city streets.
Suited for those that love getting bucket loads of attention only. Most of the Verge Duo models have been pre-sold already, but if you're quick you might be able to snap up the last few.

For prices and all the details - click through to our Tern Bicycles product page