Monday, 2 December 2013

Tern Verge Duo in stock

Just in time for summer, we have a very limited number of the Tern Verge Duo available to buy. The Verge Duo is really a bike for somebody who enjoys being spotted repeatedly by strangers. You will be harassed by people pleading with moist eyes which angel of darkness you hijacked the Verge Duo from, because this bike is a very specialised tool in the road assassin's arsenal.

It looks dangerously deadly and the highly polished paintwork screams for your light but deliberate touch. The BioLogic FreeDrive and SRAM Automatix two-speed hub and complete lack of cabling will certainly confuse many, but with your  acceleration off the line at a congested traffic light - their wonder will linger much longer than the scent of your expensive cologne leaves their nostrils.
A bike that can fold is just not meant to look this good, but that what you get from a company that dedicates it's ever waking moment sculpting and perfecting the best urban mobility products in the world.

The iron is hot - hit it!

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