Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Feedback from the Taipei Bike Show 2014

The Taipei International Bicycle Show is one of the premier bike shows in the world, and this year was our third trip to Taiwan to attend it and the Tern Annual Conference, which happens just before the show.

The main theme this year seemed to be the continued rise and development of urban and electric bikes. The world is shifting towards greener alternatives and bicycles are firmly positioned to form a key element in alternative, active mobility in metropolitan areas across the globe.

We were reminded once again how fortunate we are to represent some of the very best urban mobility brands in South Africa. The Tern conference was sensational and spending time with the Tern 'family' is always memorable. The vision and dedication the team has for not only innovating the best urban bikes, but making sure that they never rest on their achievements - is inspirational. Yet again Tern picked up three design awards at the show and launched a new 'Bikes with Benefits' marketing campaign, which we like very much. 

Tern Bicycles are far more than just folding bikes. Their class leading quality construction means that they delivery a superior ride for people that are looking for a great bicycle with a few key benefits throw in for good measure. It's easy to cut corners when it comes to bicycle construction, but the designers at Tern agonise over the smallest details to ensure that they are putting together the best quality urban bike package that money can buy. Ride one and you'll see where all of those design awards count.

As an innovator of urban mobility, Tern are also pioneering initiatives to getting people moving. Partnerships with the public and private sectors are getting people on bikes and easing congestion in many countries.

Even if we weren't involved with Tern Bicycles, we'd pay good money to be inspired by a brand that has such a powerful vision for their products and the way in which they want to do business. Sharing a few quiet beers with good friends at the annual gathering is an added bonus.

In addition it was special to catch up with our Nutcase Australia and Twowheelcool collegues. We're always reminded what awesome people Aussies really are. The Nutcase stand itself was looking very festive and it's delightful to see that at the SXSW conference in Austin Texas, Nutcase and Tern have teamed up to provide free bikes and helmets to use at the conference. We always knew they belonged together.

In conclusion, the trip was a great success and we're fired up and ready to roll on the 2014 season with gusto. However, the most important aspect of this venture is people. The people that we're lucky enough to work with at these great brands and the amazing people that are our customers in South Africa. Long may the beautiful ride together last.