Saturday, 30 May 2015

3 reasons why you need a bicycle bell

Magic 8 Ball Bell 
A bicycle bell is the most underrated cycle-related accessory. If you are to be riding a bike at speed anywhere near people, you will find the humble bell a godsend.
  1. Safety - the ability to warn slower moving people and vehicles of your impeding arrival is safer for them...and you.
  2. Style - a bicycle without a quality bell is like a disco without a mirrorball. Never be caught with a dull, boring, predictable noise maker.
  3. Confidence - if you know that you have the right tool at your disposal to warn cellphone yakking pedestrians of your presence - as if by magic, you will feel more confident within the confines of a busy city.
Practising what we preach, we sell the Nutcase answer to the bicycle bell here, or you can buy your Nutcase bells from BikePlus in Constantia and BMT Cycles in Stellenbosch.

They're great quality and come in a variety of quirky, graphic models to ward off anyone who is not noticing you. Perfect!
Captain America Bell

Dazed and Amused Bell