About us

The 'Camissa water spout' - can be found
on Prince Street, Cape Town 
Camissa Bicycles is a Cape Town-based bicycle company that specialises in urban and commuter bicycle products and brands.

From the best folding and cargo bikes in the world to super sexy helmets, we are passionate about getting you where you need to go and loving the journey in style. 
We are based in Cape Town and ship to an authorised dealer in your area.

Camissa Bicycles was founded in 2011.

BTW - Our company's name, Camissa Bicycles, was inspired by the river that still flows freely under the City of Cape Town today. Fuelled by the waters that stream off Table Mountain - this secret river gives the streets of our city a magical, hidden energy, which is the inspiration for our mission to offer you the same spirit of freedom - in the form of a bicycle.