Luba Lights

Luba Lights - R95.00 each

Luba Lights fit onto the spokes of your bike and are perfect for night time cruisers around the city or early evening jaunts on the promenade.
Each light also has a powerful magnet on the end of it which allows you to attach it to any surface that will react to magnetism when it is not being used on your wheel.

The Luba  lights come with batteries that will last for 5 days [blinking continuously 4 times/sec] already loaded inside as well as a spare set when those run out. They turn on and off by twisting the cap at the end.
We have Luba Lights in stock and are available in green, orange, red, white and blue.

For sales orders or dealer enquiries , please get in touch with us for more information. Email Jon: or please call 082 921 8855.