Nutcase Helmets - South Africa

Wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle or skateboarding is probably a wise thing to do, but that doesn't mean that you can't do it in style.
People are not going to wear helmets any less in the future, so somebody has to make them more exciting to wear. That ‘somebody’ is Nutcase.

Nutcase Helmets was founded in Portland, Oregon by former Nike Creative Director and designer Michael Morrow. Launched in the spring of 2005, Nutcase is sold throughout the United States and the style revolution has taken hold across the world. “We recognised a gap in the marketplace for cycle and skate helmets, where they were either solid black or a licensed character. There was nothing ‘cool’ from a graphics standpoint for youth and adults,” says Michael Morrow.

Colourful and bright is what helmet wearing should be about - not to mention the awesome range of bells they offer too. Afterall life is just too short not to have fun with your safety gear.

Here are the styles of Nutcase helmets and bells that we have available to buy now:

Nutcase 8 Ball [Available in: L-XL]

Nutcase British Green Matte [Available in: S-M and L-XL]

Nutcase Hypnotic [Available in: L-XL] 

Nutcase School bus Yellow Matte [Available in: S-M and L-XL]

Nutcase Stars and Stripes [Available in: S-M and L-XL]

Nutcase Checkerboard [Available in: L-XL]

Nutcase Chocolate Milk Matte [Available in: S-M and L-XL]

Nutcase Fire Engine Red Matte [Available in: L-XL]

Nutcase Purple Heart Matte [Available in S-M and L-XL]

Nutcase Pacific Blue Matte [Available in: S-M]

Please note: We currently only offer Nutcase helmets to authorised cycle and skate retailers and do not sell directly to the public.

Size guide:

S-M = 53-58cm
L-XL = 59-64cm

Please note: All Little Nutty helmets for toddlers and young children are now sold out. We unfortunately no longer have any stock of this range.

Nutcase Bicycle Bells:

Safety and style first with the world's most desirable bicycle bells - brought to you by Nutcase USA.
Nutcase bells attach easily to any handlebar, just requiring a simple screwdriver to install.

Magic 8 Ball Bell - R250

Captain America Bell - R250

Dazed and Amused Bell - R250

Price: R250 ea

For enquiries, please get in touch with us for more information. 
Email Jon: or please call 082 921 8855.