Tern Bicycles - South Africa

Portable Transport for the Human Race
Tern Bicycles are one of the world's leading bicycle companies and design and manufacture quality bikes specially for urban transport with a focus on portability and utility. Tern Bicycles are beautiful urban bikes that just so happen to fold up.

Joshua Hon founded Tern Bicycles in 2011. Compared to other folding bike brands, Tern folding bikes use an improved hinge design and nicer components to offer a range of folding bicycles that are not only more easily serviced, but generally provide a superior ride quality.

Please note: We are no longer offering customers the opportunity to buy new Tern Bicycles anymore, but are co-ordinating any services related queries for existing Tern Bicycle customers in South Africa.

We can ship any of our products, directly to you, anywhere in South Africa.

Check out our FAQ's for how to buy from us.

For replacement part sales, please get in touch with us for more information. 
Email Jon:  jon@camissabicycles.co.za or please call 082 921 8855.