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Portable Transport for the Human Race
We are the proud official importers and distributors of Tern Bicycles in South Africa.
Tern Bicycles are one of the world's leading bicycle companies and design and manufacture quality bikes specially for urban transport with a focus on portability and utility. Tern Bicycles are beautiful urban bikes that just so happen to fold up.

Joshua Hon founded Tern Bicycles in 2011. Compared to other folding bike brands, Tern folding bikes use an improved hinge design and nicer components to offer a range of folding bicycles that are not only more easily serviced, but generally provide a superior ride quality.

We have a variety of Tern folding bicycles available. We've organized them by their frame type, which generally speaks to their intended use. Go grab yourself a steaming cuppa coffee and read over these quick descriptions to get an idea what each model of Tern bike is best at.

These are the models we have in stock right now:

Tern Link D8 - now also available in white / orange

Click the image to see the Link D8 fold


Mobile phones, umbrellas, point and shoot cameras — the natural arc of evolution moves in a direction of increasing portability — the bicycle is no different. The Link D8 is your every day travel companion, whether your trip is exclusively on two wheels or in combination with buses, trains, or automobiles. The Tern Link D8 is the ultimate tool for the modern world and as a bonus it also comes standard with German SKS fenders and a sturdy BioLogic carry rack. A better all round urban bicycle package will be hard to find.
Black / Orange Link D8 = R8500.00  (this includes SKS fenders, kickstand and a BioLogic portage rack as standard)
White / Orange Link D8 = R8000.00  (this includes SKS fenders and kickstand as standard)
Tern Link C7 White / Blue - standard with mudguards
Tern Link C7 Black / Grey: with mudguards & BioLogic rack


Travel by bicycle has one often overlooked benefit — you keep your own schedule. No listening to traffic reports or leaving an hour early or later to get parking. The portable Link C7 goes one step further because it also folds and comes inside with you so you’ll never need to wonder if it’ll still be there when it’s time to head to your next stop.
The new Tern Link C7 is beautifully designed and is guaranteed to turn heads. If you don't mind complete strangers stopping you in the street to talk about your bicycle then the Link C7 is for you.

White/ Blue Link C7: R 6500.00 (this includes kickstand and mudguards)
Black / Grey Link C7: R 6800.00 (this includes kickstand, mudguards and BioLogic rack)

Click here for: features, reviews and specs

Tern Node D8 - fully kitted out, 24-inch Big Apple wheels


If you could design perfect urban transport, you’d want a bicycle that rode and handled like the best city bikes on the market, with a reasonable price, that could fold in a flash so you could take it on any city bus or stash it in any cafe coat closet. That’s the Node D8, a new kind of bike that’s designed to get you around and get your stuff done.
The Tern Node D8 has 8 gears, bigger 24-inch wheels and Schwalbe Big Apple tyres for a comfortable ride, but folds up no bigger than a 20 inch wheeled folding bike.
Black / Blue Node D8: R10500.00 (this includes kickstand, mudguards and BioLogic rack)

Click here for: features, reviews, specs

Tern Link uno: THE SIMPLE ONE

Getting from point A to point B doesn't have to be a complicated thing, and neither does your transportation. If you live in a flat city, you only need one good gear for going fast. Unfold, ride, arrive. Repeat as needed. The Tern Link Uno comes with SKS fenders and a back peddle braking system, there are no cables. The beauty really is in its elegant design. 
Keep one in the boot of your car and use it to cross town in a flash for that lunch time meeting with clients.

Price: R 5 450.00 [this includes SKS fenders]

Some full-sized folding options:


Living in the city means staying flexible and adapting to change. That’s why transportation that adapts to your itinerary is the way to go. Smooth Sunday cruise? Check. Friday night ride down to the pub? Check. Cutie from the office offering a ride home on a rainy day? Check.
So, if you're looking for a full-sized bike that also folds up and can be thrown into the boot of a car, the Joe C21 is your answer.

Tern's range of bikes are perfect for our cities. Light and nimble enough to throw into the boot of a car, fold-up and keep under your desk at work or to use getting to the MyCiti / Gautrain station.

Our selection of Tern bicycles are on display at the Camissa Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town. If you would like to come and have a look at one and perhaps take it for a test ride in our 'passage', please get in touch and make an appointment to come and see us. We are based in Woodstock, Cape Town - but can ship any of our products to you, anywhere in South Africa.

Check out our FAQ's for how to buy from us.

We do also offer sustainable transport packages for companies looking at getting their staff onto bicycles as a viable way of getting to the office. Tern bikes are a great option for forward-thinking companies with limited space.

Check out the full Tern range on the official website - Tern Bicycles South Africa or on Facebook

For sales, dealer enquiries or Tern bicycle options for your company, please get in touch with us for more information. 
Email Jon:  jon@camissabicycles.co.za or please call 082 921 8855.